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Devon Edwards

Whenever someone learns that I am an artist the first thing they generally say is “so you’re a painter?” To which my reply is almost always “no”. Since when did being an artist mean you had to be a painter? I am a mixed media artist and proud of it. I have never liked being pigeonholed as a single-medium based artist; in fact I found the label rather restrictive. To me, inspiration had no limits so why should my medium?

My artwork consists of anything I can get my hands on to accomplish the vision I have in my mind. From tissue paper to watercolors, my artwork is a compilation of opposite materials put together to create an interconnected vision. Sometimes the materials are more straightforward—like my go-to combination of watercolors, ink and markers—while other pieces require a more complex arrangement—such as layered cut-outs, lace, tissue paper, gold leafing, sewing string and even glass beads.

The inspirational backbone of my artwork stems from the profound mysterious beauty from centuries’ old churches and religious iconography. I like to reinterpret the religious Madonna icon with my own spiritual beliefs and experiences while also pairing it with the social stigmas and stereotypes around modern (and historical) women.